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Your Connection to Local Food.  Produced by Local People.
Welcome to Carteret Local Food Network... 

a resource for helping local agriculture and aquaculture connect to their eating public, and for helping the eaters among us to find local farmers and fishermen.
"Carteret Local Food Network seeks to strengthen the connection and bond between all eaters and their food source".  
Purchasing directly from the farmer allows you to have the chance to know your farmer, ask questions about their growing practices and select your family’s food deliberately.
What is local?  No single boundary defines local; local collards, sweet potatoes, strawberries, watermelons and eggs can be easy to find, but local cheeses, local beer or local organic pork might require a two hour drive. Local shrimp is easily available, but local finfish are more difficult. No local coffee growers, but local coffee roasters, if that’s your choice.
The decision to shop locally for our daily foods is noble and right; thank you for allowing local businesses sell their wares to you directly and to help strengthen our local economy by keeping our dollars close to home. You now have the opportunity to meet and know your local businessmen and women simply because they’re local too and you can learn their practices through personal conversation or visits. By making a deliberate change in your shopping habits, you support their efforts to harvest seasonally nutritious foods and reduce the negative impact of long-distance transportation.

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